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Bicycle Parking/Storage

We now offer bicycle parking/storage

We know the struggle to be able to keep your bicycle safe when you are not using it or during off-season. If you either want to store for a day, week, month, or the entire cold weather season we are here for you. See below the options we offer that best fits you:



Daily storage/
parking includes:

Free bike check

Safe and secure storage

Frame wipe down
when picking up



Weekly storage/
parking includes:

Cover a period of
any 7 days

Free bike check

Safe and secure storage

Frame wipe down
when picking up



Weekly plus:

Cover a period of
any 30 days

Pick up and drop off as many times needed
from the shop

Insurance for bikes that cost up to $700. Pay as low as $4 a month if yours goes above that.



Monthly plus:

Bicycle pick up
from your home

Full tune-up provided at time of pick up when cold season is over

This period covers any
6 months you want
to store you bike

Frequently Asked Questions

– Would my bike be safe at your shop?

We keep your bicycle in a cool and dry place where only staff has access to it and security cameras are in place as well. 

– What if I need my bike if I am storing it for a week or more?

You can pick up your bike your bike as many times you want during the time of storage. Just give us the heads up the day before so we can have it ready for you. 

– How does the insurance for my bike works?

We will insure your bicycle thru Oyster (a leading personal property insurer). We cover up to bikes that cost $700. If yours goes beyond that, you can add the extra coverage to it with Oyster. 

– Am I getting locked into a contract?

Not at all. If you choose the seasonal option and decide to pick up before it ends we will prorate the time remaining and refund you the rest. 

Contact us with questions about bike storage/parking at our shop.

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